Three Types of Customer Intent and How to Customize Digital Marketing for Them

Three Types of Customer Intent and How to Customize Digital Marketing for Them

Many of us watch TV and during the commercial breaks, we whip out our phone to pass the time. Others hear a radio ad and use their phone to find out more about the company from what was heard in that commercial. At the very least, people have interacted with many types of media channels… Read More

How to Harness the Power of Curating and Repurposing Content for Your Brand

Original content is great but, the online competition has become so much tighter than before. You need more than just unique content to survive. The truth is content marketing is everywhere and it is here to stay. It is one of the most important things to focus on when you want to increase brand awareness… Read More

Testing Your Content For Smarter Content Marketing Investments

One day, Bill, who owns a weather website, decided to invest in content marketing for his business. He wanted to create something cool and unique, so he chose T-shirts that meteorologists wear depending on the season. He did his research on meteorologists on TV and the Internet as he focused on what they were wearing…. Read More

Prototyping: Fail Fast to Succeed Sooner

Products can fail at different phases, and usually for different reasons. It is essential to understand that some failures are merely a part of the learning process. When it comes to business, you may have been told that failure is not an option – but sometimes, it cannot be avoided. The good news is that… Read More

Customer Lifetime Value: How to Calculate, Improve, and Capitalize On It

It may come as a surprise to you, but not all of your customers are created equal. Whether you are running a business or you are a customer yourself, you know some people can provide more revenue for the company by knowing. Even better, they can do that without commanding high costs. A savvy entrepreneur… Read More


Guide to Increase Email Deliverability and Avoid Spam Filters

After you are done composing a well-thought-out email, and you press “send,” you shouldn’t expect that it will immediately be delivered to your intended recipient. It is estimated that one out of four emails does not reach the recipient’s inbox because it is marked as spam. You know you are one of the good guys… Read More


Enhance Your Email Marketing Campaigns with Multivariate Testing

If you are running a business, you know you have to be competitive at all times. One way to achieve that is to become creative optimizing your email marketing with multivariate testing emails. It is difficult because you will never know what will be the outcome of all your efforts. However, you can optimize and… Read More

Analyze Your Customers with Google My Business Insights

As an entrepreneur, you want to make sure you take every necessary step toward the growth of your business, both online and offline. We’ll be discussing what Google My Business Insights. Many consumers now rely on the power of Google, mobile apps, and other on-the-go methodologies. Business owners have become willing to improve their online… Read More


Benefits and How-Tos of Personal Branding that Every Entrepreneur Should Know

When a certain business was first starting, the biggest problem for the owner was choosing a name for it. He looked everywhere to find out what was unique, what was available, and what sounded good to him and potentially, to the public. After that, the logo was a huge deal. He hired three designers who… Read More

Expert Tips on How to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

Google has an average of more than 1.2 billion unique users every month. If you own a local business, Google is indeed a fantastic opportunity to market your brand. This is where Google My Business comes in. Think of it as the controlling dashboard for all things related to your business. For most users, It… Read More